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As the school year comes to an end, we begin turning our attention to gardening, writing, and illustrating. Check out our Calendar!
Welcome Friends!
Welcome to our world; the world of authors,illustrators, and story tellers; the world of Martin and Delia Wach! 
    This picture was created after our first trip together to the rain forest of Suriname, South America. It is a combination of imagination and reality with a twist. All of our real friends, including the medicine man Dr. Heynes Landveld and his family have been turned into teddy bears. These characters tell their real stories. 


    This is our way of sharing with you the adventure of
    Heynes , Fiba , Juba
    , and Koromant
    i !!!

    This is a Great Story!

         Come along with us and enjoy an amazing experience by having us come to your school or organization. We love to share our stories about the rain forest. We will tell you tales about anacondas, enormous bats, poison dart frogs, jaguars, harpie eagles, and tarantulas that sometimes bite unsuspecting people on the butt!

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