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About the Wachs
Delia Bowman Wach is a highly acclaimed watercolor and mixed-media artist who has fallen in love with painting Teddy Bears and their friends.  Delia enjoyed placing small animals in many of her earlier works and was told that she seemed to give these creatures a living personality.  This ability has made her one of today’s best known children’s book illustrators.
     In the early 1990’s Martin went to Suriname, South America, for business and by chance met a Maroon Medicine Man.  This led to a trip into the rain forest and meetings with the chiefs of the four Maroon Indian Tribes to discuss their need to create trade and commerce with America.  Martin suggested the creation of sustainable micro-businesses as a solution to creating new trade relationships.  The projects included the search for new medicines, aviculture, butterfly farming, poison dart frog research and eco-tourism.  While Martin was working with the Maroons, Delia was creating a cast of characters who live in the rain forest, out of...TEDDY BEARS!!!
     This is a picture of Heynes Landveld, a Maroon medicine man. Heynes the Medicine Bear was modeled after this exceptional individual.
    Delia created the characters that would tell the story of the importance of saving our rain forests and Martin helped to write the story. Teddy Bear Guardians of the Rain Forest was born.
    Martin and Delia decided to take their adventure stories to schools throughout the USA. 
     They now have THREE Rain Forest books published by Headline Kids:Teddy Bear Guardians of the Rain Forest, Butterfly Dreams, and a third, The Great West Virginia Snow Adventure.
     Headline Kids has also published their 32 page book on how to write a 32 page book, An Adventure in Writing.
     Martin and Delia have now spoken to over 680 schools in West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Utah, New York, Florida, and Virginia. They have spoken to an average of 2500 students per week primarily in elementary schools. They have also spoken to middle, high school, and college students as well as adult audiences. Delia has become so successful she now spends full time at the drawing board creating new characters, but will be rejoining Martin for especially interesting invitations.
     In elementary schools, Martin begins with a 45 minute lecture. Martin tells amazing stories about the Rain Forest - Never, Never, Never Sit on a Tarantula, and Delia explains the art of illustration with From a Box of Crayons to a Digital Universe. She demonstrates how an idea in the artist's head appears on paper.
     Martin and Delia have been told over and over again that his all-day program is the best program that has ever been presented to children. Some exceptional children and teachers decided that they were going to join Martin and Delia and show that they too could write a great story, click here to check them out!
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