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Here you'll find all the wondrous and exciting tales that have made the Wachs famous. Their fascinating story-telling style mixed with astounding artwork and real-life stories make these some of the best children's books in the world. If you're interested in buying a book in the Teddy Bear Guardians of the Rain Forest Series, please check HERE to see what we have in stock. These sell fast, so get them while you still can!
Teddy Bear Guardians of the Rain Forest

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Combining Delia's delightful and highly popular teddy bear art with a magical tale, Teddy Bear Guardians of the Rain Forest takes us into the fascinating world of Suriname's exciting rainforest. Spend a day with Heynes, a learned Medicine Bear, his daughter Fiba, and three Teddy Bear cubs - Cuffy, Koromanti, and Juba - we learn about the importance of the rainforest and its flora and fauna, from the poison dart frogs to colorful parrots and big-beaked toucans. Though gear towards children, this fun and educational book appeals to all ages. Delia and Martin Wach's book is the result of extensive research and Martin's years of working with four Maroon tribes in the rain forest of Suriname. The tale's teddies represent the Maroons, whose African ancestors found refuge from slavery in the South American rain forest approximately 400 years ago.
Butterfly Dreams

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Butterfly Dreams is the second book in a series by Martin and Delia Wach. Their first book, Teddy Bear Guardians of the Rain Forest, introduced a group of Teddy Bears who care deeply about their rain forest home in the jungles of Suriname, South America. In this new book, the character Juba tells the world about her favorite creatures, Butterflies!
The reader will learn the basic ingredients needed to create their own special Butterfly Garden. The authors stress the idea of sustainability and their characters share their love and care for all the creatures that surround them.
The Great West Virginia Snow Adventure

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The Rain Forest Teddy Bears want to see snow more than anything, and this book tells us how they did it!. The bears sneak themselves into the USA to West Virginia's Fairfax Elementary School. Travel along with them as they experience snow for the first time!
Children of the Rain Forest in South America get to be pen pals with children in West Virginia. They exchange gifts through the Teddy Bears and learn not only about a very different climate but promote cultural understanding.
In Stock - An Adventure In Writing
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Popular childrens' book authors, Martin and Delia Wach have written the book - on writing and illustrating childrens' books! Starting with the basics, the Wachs will guide you from idea to finished book! It doesn't matter if you are 9 or 90, this handbook will start you on the road to becoming an author.
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