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Here you'll find all the wondrous and exciting tales that have made the Wachs famous. Their fascinating story-telling style mixed with astounding artwork and real-life stories make these some of the best children's books in the world. These books were written with the help of kids, just like YOU! If you're interested in buying a book in the Student Author and Illustrator Series, please check HERE to see what we have in stock. These sell fast, so get them while you still can!
In Stock - Veterans Reign in Their Own Parade
Veterans Reign in Their Own Parade is the result of a proud collaboration of Rainelle Elemetary School students, teachers, and well-known Headline Books authors, Martin and Delia Wach. This is the story of patriotism, compassion, and how Rainelle, WV opened their homes and hearts to give these veterans the homecoming they had deserved for so long.
In Stock - The Cat Has Class!

This book's unique tale is shared by students and teachers of Franklin Elementary Center students, then written into a fun and whimsical tale by Headline Books authors, Martin and Delia Wach. This is a story about students and teachers providing a wonderful, warm, and loving home for a stray cat that would not stay away! After several failed attempts to move the cat to a new home, Franklin Elementary Center realized this tenacious kitty was determined to be a cat with class!
In Stock - Cutting Class: The St. Baldrick's Story of Christian Academy of Lousiville Rock Creek

Cutting Class: The St. Baldrick's Story of Christian Academy of Louisville Rock Creek is a story that comes from the hearts of children to help others afflicted with childhood cancer. These students experienced the devastation of cancer first-hand when one of their own was diagnosed with hepatoblastama, a rare childhood cancer. She had chemotherapy treatment, and, as a result, her hair fell out. Her fellow students and teachers rallied around her by participating in St. Baldrick's Day at their school. With a goal of $10,000 to be raised - these energetic and caring children, teachers and parents raised $33,000 for research to cure childhood cancers! When Headline Books authors, Martin and Delia Wach, gave a writing and illustrating workshop at Christian Academy of Louisville Rock Creek, they fell in love with the story of caring and outreach shown by the students. The result is this collaboration between the students, their teachers, the Wachs and Headline Books.
The Paper Cat Caper

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