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Our School Program
- 680+ Schools
- The Best Author/student program in America
- A partnership between schools and Martin & Delia Wach, popular authors and illustrator of 9 published childrens books.
- Their traditional program is story telling about the creatures of the rainforest and why you should never, never, never sit on a tarantula!
- Their new program is about their adventures in building urban gardens (guerrilla garden).
- "Adventures in Writing" Martin and Delia's 5th book is a 32 page book on how to write a 32 page Childrens Picture Book.

Cost to the school?
Cheap but Trendy, which is very important in today's economy. Martin and Delia share the income from the sales of the books with either the PTA or school. Martin's assistant will explain all the details and the benefits to the school.

Two Day program (Minor changes can be made because of space or scheduling with Martin's approval)

Day 1
- 9-9:45 Lecture to the whole student body about Martin's 6 years in the Rain Forest of Suriname, South America and his adventures with the creatures and Maroon Indians. Delia also discusses the 5 books written and illustrated with students, three of which have won national awards and have earned over $200,000 for school libraries and charities.

- 10:00-10:45 - K and 1st grade questions and answers on the Rain Forest and writing childrens books. We go though the steps we follow in writing our books.

- 11-11:45 -grades 2 and 3 same program with a little more emphasis on writing, reading, and illustratig.

- 1-1:45 4 and 5 Same

- 2:00-end of school day will include 6th grade if applicable and also book signing and sales of accessories.

Day 2

- 9:00-10:00 Writer's group meeting with a select group of students from 2nd to 5th grade,student who have demonstrated a love for writing. There should be no more than 30 students total and the best number has been 20 students.

- 10:15 - 11:15 Illustrator meeting with students that have shown skill in drawing. Again, no more than 30 students from 2nd to 5th or 6th.

- In these sessions Martin and Delia will discuss the possibility of writing a book with the school as well as in-depth discussions of the process of writing and illustration. The goal is to create some kind of writer's club or group.

- 11:30 -1:00 Book signing and sales. Martin's assistant will help setting this up.

After programs in 680 schools this program seems to give children the greatest' excitement and determination to be writers, illustrators and even adventurers.
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