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Here you'll find all the wondrous and exciting tales that have made the Wachs famous. Their fascinating story-telling style mixed with astounding artwork and real-life stories make these some of the best children's books in the world. If you're interested in buying a book in the Co-Authored Books Series, please check HERE to see what we have in stock, or simply click the book you want. These sell fast, so get them while you still can!
Teddy Bear Helps on the Farm

Teddy Bear Helps on the Farm is a unique collection of short stories and activities written by the children of Appalachia to inspire others. This inaugural edition was introduced at the Bob Evans Farm Festival 2007. The project symbolizes the power of children to impact their community and inspire others to lead successful and generous lives. This book reminds us that everyone has potential to make a big difference in the world around them. The book is intended to be for children and their families to explore and engage in activities together and have fun coloring and reading. This book is dedicated to Bob Evans, whose roots are in rural Appalachia, and the success that anyone can achieve with the right support.
Teddy Bear's Favorite Pictures

Teddy Bear's Favorite Pictures will enable you to show your children the wonderful world of books by engaging each child's motivation to learn with love. This easy, step-by-step interactive book will empower you to help your child or loved one achieve important developmental skills.Teddy Bear's Favorite Pictures, an excellent tool for early language-pre-kindergarten development, can also encourage communication with autistic children and aid in working with other specially challenged individuals.
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