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Guerilla Gardening

      These are pictures of a lot that was once the home of the oldest building in Wheeling, West Virginia and unfortunately the future for many more abandoned buildings all over the USA. I took one look at the mess and immediately saw the possibilities for creating a productive garden project. I saw beans, lettuce, cabbage, and even corn growing where everyone else saw an eyesore. This old Teddy Bear never lost his imagination and knew that if he rolled his sleeves up and got to work he could create magic.

All the neighborhood watched and found a hundred reasons why it could not be done but I just kept my head down and let all this roll off my back. I even asked my neighbors to pitch in and they all could share in the bounty his garden would produce. They all were just too busy and this old Teddy Bear sadly understood that few really lived their dreams and so he kept plugging and in the early Spring little seedlings started to appear where nothing had grown for over one hundred years and these are the pictures he took.
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